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Eye Center for Animals

eye center for animals
Dr. paul da Costa, dvm dacvo

Diagnostic Testing


Common Diagnostics


Fluorescien Stain

Schirmer Tear Test




Ocular Ultrasonography

We also offer OFA certification exams.

Common Surgeries

Luxated Lens Removal

Cataract Surgery

Dr. da Costa removes cataracts with the use of phacoemulsification. Here at ECFA we have a state of the art machine that cuts surgery time nearly in half. 

Amniotic Membrane Transplant

Eye Center for Animals is on the cutting edge of amniotic membrane transplants. Dr. da Costa uses amniotic membrane tissue to heal and repair corneas. This technology is current with human ophthalmology. 

Enulcleation with orbital prosthesis

At ECFA, when removing an eye we use silicone prosthetic implants to achieve a very natural and aesthetically pleasing result. 

Prolapsed Nictitins Gland Repair (Cherry Eye)

"Cherry Eye" occurs when the the tissue holding the third eyelid in place weakens. The third eyelid houses the nictitins gland which is responsible for a portion of tear production. Dr. da Costa performs a procedure to place the third eyelid back into it's natural position.

Conjunctival Grafts

Conjunctival grafts are performed when corneal ulcers penetrate deeply through the layers of the cornea down to the base layer known as Descemet's membrane.  A portion of the conjunctiva is very skillfully sutured over the defect in an effort to prevent  further damage and rupturing of the eye.